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Jake ARPH #13693 (Midwest)


Jake ARPH #13693 needs your help!!

Meet Jake, miracle dog! Jake came into ARPH when family stated they could not provide the needed exercise for him. Upon his entry into ARPH, Jake met with the veterinarian for routine shots and a check-up. At that vet visit a significant heart murmur was detected. A cardiology evaluation was recommended and a faulty valve was suspected. Everyone, cardiologist included, were surprised to learn Jake, after 7 ½ years, had a congenital heart defect. Jake was diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA).

Mammals, including humans, as a fetus have a blood vessel in their heart that allows blood to bypass the lungs allowing blood to flow directly into the aorta. After birth, the ductus arteriosus closes, blood flows to the lungs to be oxygenated and circulated throughout the body. When this vessel does not close, blood flows into the left ventricle, enlargement and congestive heart failure are imminent.

Most dogs with this untreated defect don’t see their first birthday. That Jake has seen seven birthdays and headed toward his eighth makes him a miracle dog. Jake loves to snuggle, run, play, dance, chase squirrels and romp with his foster siblings. He does get tired though and sleeps soundly after a rambunctious day. His heart murmur is so pronounced that it can be felt externally simply by placing a hand on the left side of his chest by his arm pit. It feels like water chugging through a hose. A review of his past vet records denotes the murmur is getting worse.

Jake is an awesome dog. He is happy, friendly and full of life. Without treatment, Jake’s life is compromised and will abruptly end. The good news is that there is a surgical procedure done at University Veterinary Hospitals that can have Jake as good as new after a two week recovery period. The procedure is non-evasive, going through a blood vessel, putting a plug in the ductus arteriosus and stopping the blood from flowing in the wrong direction. Once complete, there will be no further damage to his heart. Jake can live a normal, long and happy life. This procedure is only done by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist and is expensive even with a discounted rescue rate. The tests for diagnosis, treatment, plug, procedure and post procedure testing will cost over $5500.00.

Anyone who meets Jake falls instantly in love. This happy lovable guy could have a very long, happy life, spreading his infectious enthusiasm everywhere he goes. Please, look at those beautiful brown eyes and help Jake get the surgery he needs. Any donation, no matter how large or small helps. ARPH thanks you and Jake sends dog kisses.

UPDATE July 15/17:

Jake underwent cardiac surgery on Thursday at the University of WI for the closure of a congenital condition, Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). Jake is out of the hospital and recovering in his foster home. He is on medications and activity restrictions at this time. His medical release is anticipated in 2 months if all goes well with his recovery. A big thanks to Jake's generous donors who helped to maker this surgery possible and to ARPH's management team for approving Jake's critical surgery.





Callie ARPH #13164



Two reps in the Mid-A region stepped up to take in several dogs from a breeder that was getting out of breeding their Aussies. They did not receive veterinary care during their life in the kennel.  One of these dogs is sweet Callie that is 7 years old.  She had retinal detachment in her left eye when she was younger, causing her to lose vision in that eye, but was not seen by a Veterinarian for treatment.  She supposedly wasn't bred, but wasn't spayed.  Because of her age, we had a senior profile with urinalysis done to be sure she's healthy enough to undergo surgery and we discovered she has a raging kidney infection that will take at least a month to recover from.  We're hoping it hasn't caused permanent damage.  We also discovered she has a few major teeth with pulp exposure that is surely causing pain and another source of infection, and her dental procedure(s) will be at least $1200. to $1800.  Were asking for donations to cover the Veterinary expenses that are going to be way above what our foster dogs normally incur to bring Callie's health and quality of life back up to where is should be for an Aussie her age.

Her rep groomed and de-flead her and she was a perfect angel for the lengthy procedure.  Fortunately, her 4DX heartworm and tick disease test was negative and has been started on preventatives.  

She's a sweet dog without a mean bone in her body and is very deserving of the best care we can give her so that she can feel better and live out the rest of her life in luxury.