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ARPH's Mid West region includes: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin and Central Canada (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunuvut).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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Maisie ARPH #13596

Maisie is a very sweet 4-year-old female Black Bi who is on the smaller side at 35 pounds. She was a stray and reportedly had been at a family’s home for about a week before they took her to animal control.

Maisie came into ARPH in shocking condition.  She had either suffered from serious neglect or she had been living on her own for a long time. Her coat was in terrible shape with severe matting. Although she is now a beautiful black, it was impossible at that time to determine what color her coat truly was. Maisie had other problems as well. She had bilateral yeast infections in her ears, a staph infection on her skin and she had heartworms.

Maisie's coat has now filled out to a pretty shiny black with lots of waves. She has now completed her heartworm treatment and is a healthy girl. She was evaluated by a cardiologist and was found to have a mild tricuspid valve regurgitation as a result of the heartworms. Maisie is currently on some heart medications that cost about $50 a month. The cardiologist said her pulmonary status should continue to improve now that the heartworms have resolved. She recommended a recheck in May. The cardiologist anticipates that no further cardiac follow-up or medications will be needed after that visit.

Maisie is a quiet loving girl who likes to be right by her person. She is housetrained and has great house manners. She walks well on a leash and is a great car passenger. Maisie is being fostered with cats and is respectful of them. She gets along fine with other dogs but we think she would really enjoy having all her human’s attention to herself. Maisie will make some lucky family a great companion.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in Maisie, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. Maisie is being fostered in the Central Indiana area. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application.  Phone calls or emails will not be considered until there is an application on file.


Look at me!!

Hank ARPH #13837

Meet Hank!

Hank was born on November 25th, 2013. At the age of 8 weeks, this active all Aussie Red Merle boy was given as a gift to an elderly woman by her son. As he grew, the woman dearly loved Hank but knew she could not provide him with the appropriate exercise that he needed. So, when Hank was a year old she turned to ARPH for help. Hank was brought into our foster program and was later adopted out to a single man. He also adopted ARPH's Theo (AKA Teddy) at the same time. The two boys loved playing and chasing one another. Unfortunately, after having their home for only 18 months their adopter contacted ARPH and said he needed to surrender both dogs due to changes in his lifestyle, which did not include Hank and Theo. So, both dogs are now back in our fostering program looking for their furever homes.

Hank is a muscular 55-pound puppy-like boy. He is a sturdy, strong, athletic and is treat driven and knows his basic commands. Hank is extremely smart and is highly trainable. He catches and returns both Frisbees and balls with amazing speed and agility. Hank gets along fine with other dogs and enjoys meeting new people. He is focused and very well behaved.

He needs a family who is aware of his need for a job and committed to an active lifestyle. For example, Hank is still up for chasing balls after a 5-mile hike and a play in the pond. Although high energy, Hank does have a calm side as well. He thinks he is a lap dog and likes to snuggle while you watch TV. Foster dad says, "Hank is a big lovable oaf."

Hank needs a strong but loving pack leader who can consistently provide him with exercise, structure and direction.

Hank is being fostered in Central Indiana. Only those homes with prior Aussie experience, commitment to obedience training and a physical fence will be considered. If you are an approved ARPH adopter and are interested in a high energy athletic Aussie who is extremely well trained and lovable, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion.  If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application.  Phone calls or emails will not be considered until there is an application on file.



Check us out!


Trudy ARPH #13608
Bryce ARPH #13607
Bonded Pair 

These two sweethearts were surrendered to Animal Control after being found neglected in an overgrown outdoor kennel. Apparently their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them. ARPH was contacted and fortunately we had a foster home step up to help. Trudy and Bryce are looking for a home together since they are very bonded and have been together all their lives.

Trudy and Bryce are both sweeter than sweet happy go lucky pups. They are 9 years old but watching them play and interact one would think that they are much younger. We suspect that they had to of received loving attention most of their lives judging by how socialized they are. They greet everyone with kisses and their little nubs never stop wiggling. They both LOVE to catch Frisbees. If foster mom hides the Frisbee after playing, they will search for it hoping that it can be brought out once again just to play just a little more. They both are crate and housetrained. They both get along great with other dogs with Trudy being just a little more reserved than Bryce.

Bryce is a Double Merle male and is deaf. He weighs around 30 pounds. Foster mom took Bryce to the Ophthalmologist and he was the hit of the place. He wanted to love on everyone he met there. Since Bryce is deaf, we wanted to have his eyes checked to identify any possible ocular abnormalities that may be associated with his merle gene. Good news! The Ophthalmologist said that he had very good vision, his vision should remain stable for the rest of his life and no further follow up or treatment are needed. He may have a little vision compromise when his eyes adjust from going into a bright setting from a dim one, but other than that all looks great. His sister Trudy likes to look after him while Bryce seems more carefree and just wants to have fun. Bryce likes to go into his crate and will stay there to sleep with the crate door open. He rides well in the car and likes to look out the window enjoying the passing scenery. He has good recall just with a hand wave and knows sit and down with hand signals. He is very treat motivated and loves to learn. Foster mom says, “Love to watch him tossing toys around and self playing. Absolutely loves to climb in lap for cuddles and pets. He looks like the happiest dog ever when he is in a lap.”

Trudy is a Black Tri female and weighs around 40 pounds. Trudy is a very happy girl and loves to stay close to her person. As of right now, she likes to be accompanied out in the yard as if she is concerned that she might be left there. She has a strong interest in learning new things. She has a good sit and down command. Foster mom says, “She has a wonderful nubbin wag. When I go to let her out of her crate She will lift one paw and get wiggly. If the blanket is messed up in her crate she somehow manages to get it all straightened out.”

Trudy and Bryce are looking to be adopted together. A home with a physical fence is an absolute requirement. They will also need a home where they will get regular backyard play time with such activities as Frisbee and ball retrieving. Their home will also need to be committed to ongoing training as this is important for bonding and communication. Since they do like to jump, only homes with kids 9 and older will be considered.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in adopting Bryce and Trudy together, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. They are being fostered in Northwestern Indiana. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application.


Did someone say playtime?

Ellie ARPH #13609


Ellie is a sweeter than sweet 12-year-old Black Bi who weighs about 40 pounds. Ellie was dropped off at a shelter when her family moved. The shelter contacted ARPH and fortunately a foster home was available to help.

Ellie is a little shy at first but very friendly with everyone she meets. It does not appear that Ellie has had much human attention throughout her life. Reportedly she was tied to a porch most of the time. So she is really enjoying being petted and loved on. She is being fostered with several younger dogs and loves to romp and play with them in a fenced in yard.

Ellie does just fine with the cats. Ellie is housetrained and has good house manners. She knows to sit and shake her paw for a treat. She can hop in and out of a SUV without any issues.

Ellie is looking for that special home who knows there is just no age limit on love, be it human or canine, and that there is a special joy in sharing your life with a senior dog. She is being fostered in Central Indiana.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in adopting Ellie, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application.


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