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ARPH's Mid West region includes: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin and Central Canada (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunuvut).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

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Eli ARPH #13750

Eli is a foster home favorite. He is very loving and expressive. Eli always wants to be with his people and will follow his foster family around the house attentively watching everything they are doing. He loves to run when he’s outside. He has a medium to high energy level and can be very vocal when he wants something or when he feels the need to alert his humans about potential intruders.

Eli has an excellent off switch in the house. He has done well with other dogs. Eli is fully house trained, and crate trained. He is crate trained, although he can escape a wire crate. He loves riding in the car and has enjoyed hiking with his foster family as well.

Eli is being fostered in Kansas. If you wish to learn more about Eli please reach out to Ashley.


Koda ARPH #14081

Koda is 2 years old. He loves playing with tennis balls and swimming. Koda is a sweet dog who will need a patient family willing to give him some time to get comfortable with them. He is crate trained and is doing great with house training. He is affectionate and playful once he gets to know you. Koda will need a quiet home with a fenced yard.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information on Koda please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com 




Boone ARPH #13762

Boone is a sweet and active dog. He is incredibly intelligent and very affectionate. Boone enjoys doing tasks with his person. He can be reserved with strangers at first and requires a home without cats. Boone gets along well with most dogs and is doing well with his crate training. He is learning about toys and how to play with people. Boone is a sidekick type of dog, wanting to go wherever his humans go and always looking to please.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Boone please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


  Gunner ARPH #14081

Gunner is 8 years old and came to us with his brother Gannon. Gunner recently finished heartworm treatment and is back to his spunky self. Gunner loves water and playing with his people. He is a bouncy, animated dog. He does well with most dogs, cats, and kids.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Gunner please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


  Harley ARPH #14092

Harley is a double merle Australian Shepherd. He is around a year old and may have limited to no vision in his right eye. Harley can hear but may have some hearing impairment. Harley is a sweet boy with a big smile (submissive grin). He is doing great with house and crate training. He enjoys playing with a tennis ball and swimming. He can be shy with new people at first but warms up quickly.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Harley please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


  HooDoo ARPH #14095

HooDoo is 8 months old and came to ARPH because he had a bit too much energy in his previous home. HooDoo is crate trained and housetrained. He also likes to chase a frisbee and tennis ball. He seems to be interested in water and likes the small pools in his foster home. He gets along well with most dogs but does chase cats. He is slow to warm up to strangers so he will need a patient family willing to allow him time to get to know them.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about HooDoo please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


Izzy ARPH #14030

Izzy is an approximately 18-month-old 42-pound female Blue Merle with a full tail. She has brown eyes, with the left eye having a merle blue fleck on the lower outer edge. Izzy had been on the run for several months before being caught by animal control. Unfortunately, she was found to be heartworm positive and because she was in a kill shelter, she was triaged to be euthanized. ARPH was contacted and Izzy came in to our fostering program for vetting, HW treatment and to find a loving home.  

This beautiful playful girl is very people friendly and loves to chase balls. She currently is on activity restrictions as necessitated due to her heartworm treatment. Even though she is getting tired of being crated, she will willingly go into her crate without any complaints when asked. Izzy is very affection motivated and really wants to please. She takes direction well and knows sit, down, shake etc.  She makes the rounds every morning with foster mom to wake up the kids for school by giving them kisses. Once they are awakened, she turns over for her belly rub. She likes getting groomed and is great during her vet visits. The Vet staff said that the wished they could keep her. Izzy is also a good car traveler. Izzy is house trained. She is being fostered with cats but their interactions have to be managed. She is selective with the dogs that she likes in the home. However, she is fine with dogs on walks and outside of her territory.

Izzy is currently being fostered in the West Central Illinois area She will not be available for placement until she completes her treatment which is targeted early November. However, adoption applications are currently being considered. Izzy is looking for a home as the only dog. A home with a dog savvy cat could be an option. Izzy really enjoys kids who are polite and dog savvy. A home with children 8 and over would also be considered. A physical fenced in yard is a must. We expect all of our adoptive homes to be committed to obedience training for communication and bonding. Izzy is a beautiful sweet girl who will make some family a wonderful companion.

If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in learning more about Izzy, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application at www.aussierescue.org.  Emails will not be considered until there is an application on file.



  Kai ARPH


Kai is a one year old Red male Aussie. He weighs about 40 pounds, and has been neutered and current on all vaccines, along with Heartworm and flea/tick preventive.

Kai is a very alert, intelligent boy. Always willing to learn. Loves to play and run with others. He has spent time with two other Aussies while with his foster mom; a 4 year old female and a 6 month female pup. Kai is a strong energetic type, likes to stay busy. He needs to burn off his energy by playing or working. He has laser focus when he wants to tune in to something. His eyes will focus on you waiting for his treat, Very food driven boy, so easy to get his attention for training.

Kai is house trained and crate trained, even though he prefers a nice bed. Kai loves to collect treats from everyone and hoard them. Once he has established the pecking order with others he plays along nicely. He needs to be watched being introduced to others as he tries to establish his dominance. Being only a year old, Kai has a bit of growing to do. Now is a great time to find his place in life, working on what makes him tick. Kai loves to learn, he would be great as a performance sports dog, doing agility, nosework or obedience.  He would be a great hiking companion, does well on leash, not pulling too much. Could use a little more work but stays within range while walking, although that has not been tested outside of a fence yard. He loves greeting people when they arrive, but needs work to calm down with that. After a few minutes he settles and is fine. He will need continued work with greeting both people and other dogs. 

Kai is being fostered in north east Ohio.  If you are an approved adopter, contact Maribeth at westernpaaussierescue@gmail.com.  If you are not approved, you can apply at www.aussierescue.org.

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