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ARPH's Mid West region includes: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin and Central Canada (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunuvut).  We may not have a Representative in each location. Please check our Contact Page to see our list of Representatives.

Please complete our adoption application before contacting the Rep about an available dog.

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Eli ARPH #13750

Eli is a foster home favorite. He is very loving and expressive. Eli always wants to be with his people and will follow his foster family around the house attentively watching everything they are doing. He loves to run when he’s outside. He has a medium to high energy level and can be very vocal when he wants something or when he feels the need to alert his humans about potential intruders.

Eli has an excellent off switch in the house. He has done well with other dogs. Eli is fully house trained, and crate trained. He is crate trained, although he can escape a wire crate. He loves riding in the car and has enjoyed hiking with his foster family as well.

Eli is being fostered in Kansas. If you wish to learn more about Eli please reach out to Ashley.




  Wichita ARPH #14087

Wichita is a male Red Tri. He was born into our care March 14th, 2018. Both his mother and father were surrendered to ARPH in March. Wichita is a very active puppy. He tends to be a bit bossy but he is very intelligent and willing to work. Wichita needs an experienced Aussie home. Preference will be given to active sport or working homes.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information on Wichita please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com




Buster ARPH #13712

Buster, is a 9 year old black tri male, being fostered in Columbus, OH. Initial comments about Buster: "Buster and Bonnie (also listed) have been together most of their lives. They've been well loved dogs, who knew a good home. Their owner broke her back and became too disabled to continue to care for them, so she was forced to give them up.

Each came with a 3 page letter to whomever adopts them – describing their personalities, likes, dislikes. It brought tears to my eyes.

Comments from his foster Mother "Buster is the sweetest boy you will ever know. He loves walks, rides in the car, other dogs, cats, being brushed and everyone he meets. He is always the hit of the party when I have people over. He loves to cuddle and will sleep right next to you in bed if invited. He has perfect house manners and just a great overall dog.

For more information please contact Maribeth at westernpaaussierescue@gmail.com


Koda ARPH #14081

Koda is around 2 years old. Koda was raised on a rural property and is learning what life is all about as an indoor family dog. Koda may not have had much exposure to the outside world so he can be slow to warm up. Once he does he is playful and sweet natured. He wants to be with his person and seems to like playing with toys. He is crated trained and house trained. He loves his kennel and is starting to love puzzle toys to.  Koda has done well with cats but is afraid of young children. Because young children seem to stress Koda we will not consider homes with young kids at this time. He has been doing well with visitors when they come to his foster home. He’s learned to ride in the car and likes going on outings with his foster family. He will need a patient home willing to invest in him. A fence will be required to adopt Koda.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information on Koda please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com 



Toky ARPH #13771



Toky is a loyal and loving just turned 9-year-old 37-pound dark Red Bi.  Her former owner had her since she was a puppy but surrendered her to ARPH due to some life style changes. She is now vetted and in ARPH’s foster care program. Toky loves to “talk” while giving kisses. She loves checking out the scents at the pet stores and taking brisk walks through the park. The groomer described her as “simply delightful.” She knows her basic commands and is housetrained. Toky is initially reserved with strangers but is fine once she knows that everything is ok. Toky did well when cat tested but is not living with felines.  


She is being fostered with other dogs and does well with them. However, foster mom believes Toky would be the happiest as the only dog or with a submissive male. She prefers playing with her human over playing with other dogs. She loves to cuddle and being told how sweet she is. Toky loves being next to her human. A great home for Toky would be one where someone is home most of the day and likes to take walks.  Toky is being fostered in Northwestern Indiana. If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in learning more about Toky, please contact fondapoland@gmail.com for further discussion. If you are interested in becoming an approved ARPH adopter, the first step is to submit an application at www.aussierescue.org. Emails will not be considered until there is an application on file. 




Boone ARPH #13762

Boone is a 4-year-old Blue Merle male. Boone is a very loving dog, he enjoys being indoors with his people, loves his crate, and is doing great with house training in his foster home. Boone loves the children in his foster home and comes running anytime he hears them. He does well with other dogs but is very prey driven so we recommend a home without cats. Boone can also be a bit rough with livestock, so he would not be the best fit for a home with livestock. Boone is very intelligent and will need a job. He is an extremely athletic and beautiful dog.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Boone please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


  Kiowa ARPH #14099

Kiowa was born into our care March 14, 2018. She is playful and active. She would be well suited for a performance or active home. She enjoys playing with toys and other dogs in her foster home. She has started crate training and house training. She loves playing in the water and is an outgoing puppy.

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Kiowa please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


  Gannon ARPH #14090

Gannon is 8 years old and is a laid back boy. He is very loving and always wants to be next to you. He likes to play and will fetch a toy. He loves water and time at the lake. Gannon is working on his crate training and house training. He does great with children and cats.

Gannon came to us with his brother Gunner who will be undergoing treatment for heartworm soon. They seem to do ok apart but we would love to see them go to a home together. If interested in adopting one or both of these sweet senior boys please submit an application

If you are an ARPH approved adopter and would like more information about Gannon please contact Ashley at herdingdogaddict@gmail.com.  


  Jasper ARPH #13652

Jasper is a big black teddy bear and a love muffin. He loves nothing better than to be at your side, to be hugged and loved all over. He is excellent with other dogs, plays and shares well—loves to rough house with his two foster siblings and is happy as a clam. He is gentle with cats and children (in fact pays no attention to the cats in his foster home) and only wants pets from children.  He doesn’t jump, just noses around for pets.

From his foster mom: Jasper is about 9 pounds overweight (has lost a pound on dry food). When he first joined our family he needed help into the car, but now hops right in. He seems to have been used to people food so it is important to pay attention to his diet and food. That said, he loves to romp and play with other dogs and his own toys. As he loses weight one may find an incredibly energetic dog. I can say this as I’ve seen him burst forth to chase a squirrel. That leads me to his leash behavior. This boy LOVES to walk. We go daily and he is pretty darn good on a leash considering I’m walking three. But he does want to go after squirrels and bunnies so beware he’s strong and fast—there is an inner Aussie in this boy.

He is house trained, crate trained (though he doesn’t love it) I’d leave him out of the crate but he loves my yarn and finds it no matter where I put it. Jasper knows sit, down, and stay fairly well. He needs proofing on all his training. The off command (e.g. don’t jump) is the one we have worked on the most and still needs work. Jasper's ideal home would include another canine buddy, he loves to play, and has never been an only dog. He is a lovely lad.

If you are interested in Jasper, please fill out an application. If you are already approved, please contact Tami at aussieposse@frontier.com. Jasper is being fostered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

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