Referral Aussies in the Mid-Atlantic Region


The following dogs are not part of the ARPH program. All information has been provided by the private individual or group, not affiliated with ARPH, that is the caretaker of the dog. Anyone using this information is responsible for determining whether the information about these dogs is accurate. ARPH has no obligation, responsibility or liability with respect to the adoption and placement of the dog. These dogs are merely being listed by ARPH on this page as a service in the hope of aiding with their placement and avoiding unnecessary euthanasia.

Please consider one of these wonderful dogs as your future family member:




Bordeaux and Brie have recently come into the ARPH program.  Their new photos, bios and information will be posted on the Northeast and Mid Atlantic pages soon!

Bordeaux and Brie are 9 years old (7/15/07) , brother and sister and have been together their entire lives. Bordeaux is a teddy bear and Brie is a bossy big sister. We have separated them for short periods-of-time (hours) but not for days. Bordeaux will respond to commands and Brie will respond if you insist. They went to obedience classes and they taught Bordeaux how to roll over.

They have lived in our home since they were puppies. At the groomer's they prefer to be in the same cage, even if the cage is small. Both are very tolerant with children and have been tested by my 5-year-old grandson. Bordeaux is like a gentle grandfather and Brie just likes to chill. They have accompanied us to the beach in the summer and enjoy walking on the beach and playing in the water. Overall, they are perfect pets in the house and enjoy long walks in the park.

They have never bitten anyone or another dog. They will bark if they hear someone approaching the house. Once, the person enters, they'll sniff and walk away. They will sit on the front porch and watch dogs and people walking by without barking. However, Brie will bark at cats outside. Currently, they live with one cat and they are one big family.
Bordeaux is a caretaker and Brie will look for the cat's food if bored. Brie will walk away if she is tired of playing but Bordeux will play for hours and not complain.

They will stay in the house or outside in the yard. In the past, we would walk them daily. They like dry food and neither dogs play with toys. They like rawhide bones but Brie will not share. She will walk away, take her bone, and hide.

They will come in the room and nudge you (even if you are sleep) until you let them out. We don't crate them during the day. When someone is working in the house we may crate them or if there is no reason for the contractor to use the backyard (depending on the weather conditions), we leave them in the backyard. They have a dog run and covered back porch.

They are very close as sister and brother and have lived their entire lives together. They are active but not as active. They are two senior dogs. They will go for long walks (1 mile) in the park or on the beach. Bordeaux walks a little slower but enjoys his walk. Brie, will never let Bordeaux get in front.

The owners are looking to place these 2 due to changing life circumstances. They can be adopted together or separated. If you are interested in adopting please contact Wanda at or 202.412.6320