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Bentley ARPH #13739

This stunning guy is Bentley. And yes, he's an Aussie with a big beautiful tail!  He's also a big guy -- tall and already 60 lbs!  Bentley is a Red-Tri Aussie, about a year and half old and is all teenage male!  He has a ton of energy and is VERY smart!  His foster says he's learning to use his inside voice, but he has a big bark that can be startling.  Bentley is VERY affectionate!  He loves his foster mom and really loves his dad!  He can't get enough attention!  He gets along well with the family cat and plays well with the other dogs -- but is a real resource guarder (food and toys), which is how he ultimately came to ARPH.   We are recommending that Bentley be an only dog.  He plays well with other dogs, but it's close quarters and competition for food and toys where he gets himself into trouble.  He is not aggressive with kids, but he is young and strong and can easily (accidentally) knock young children over, so we are recommending adult homes.   Bentley needs exercise, training, structure and LOTS of attention! He is house broken.  His foster family does not crate him when they leave the house -- he has free reign without issues.  Bentley is a very fast learner.  He knows sit and stay, and has figured out complex issues like taking a large toy out the doggie door to the back yard. He makes his foster family laugh all the time -- he's a funny guy!  He really needs ACTIVE  owners that are patient and will give him the training and love he deserves!  As his foster mom says -- he's a real love, he just needs someone that understands him!  We will ask that any potential adopter commit to training for Bentley.  Bentley is being fostered in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  If you are an approved ARPH adopter, please contact


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