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REX  ARPH #14103

Rex is a big, fluffy cuddly boy who would love to find a forever home that appreciates all his puppy-like qualities. He’s two years old, and sadly lost his home when his owners were deployed. Rex is quite the charmer, with a sweet disposition and a willing paw shake for all his friends. Everywhere Rex goes, he gains a following of admirers who can’t get over how beautiful he is and what a sweet disposition he has. He does well with other dogs that he has met, loves people and kids (his former family had young children). In his former home he got along with other dogs and with cats and lived with horses, chickens and turkeys.
According to his foster dad, Rex is learning "sit", but that usually morphs into a side saddle sit and that moves to a lay down and pat my belly move! He has no idea what "stay" means but we're working on it. He also will jump up sometimes, usually when excited, and he's learning that's not acceptable. Rex has discovered the joy of toys and focus’ a lot of energy on them. He still has a lot of puppy in him.

The ideal home for Rex is one that will continue his training, and most importantly – be able to meet his requirements for exercise and mental workouts. Like most Aussies, he is not a couch potato. Do you think you might qualify? If so, and if you are an approved ARPH applicant contact Hope. Rex is being fostered near Greensburg, PA.


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